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Entrenched in the Hills’ community since the 1920s, Cropley House maintains an old-world charm that celebrates its history as one of the Hills’ finest Georgian Revival mansions.

Where stately ballrooms are the scene for glamorous parties and weddings.

Established in 1926 and recently renovated, Cropley House is the complete venue to host all style of events. Offering two magnificent rooms on the ground floor and four separate rooms on the first floor, the venue is capable of hosting grand luncheons, dinners or conferences with breakout areas as well as intimate private gatherings.

Cropley House appears in Atomic Kingdom Season two.

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SETBOOK are the team behind many of the stunning locations in AK season 2.

Based in Sydney, Australia. Setbook is a business specialising in filming locations within Australia.

Listings include information you need that’s specific to the film industry.

 Plan your budget & find the most cost effective location using the easy calculator on their website.

 Stress-free end-to-end booking management by your Location Manager.

 Call sheet location details provided in an email to share with your team.

Email -

Contact Number - 0432 134 319

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Anhs is famous for their satay dish and their Vietnamese noodle soups. Their food is made to order, so you know it's fresh every time. They were the very first Vietnamese restaurant to open in Campbelltown back in 1994 and are still trading strong today as a family owned and operated business.

Anhs Noodle House appears in Atomic Kingdom Season two.


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Hexy Arts- The creative team behind Hexy Arts are Heti and Xiclu!

Based in Poland this team specialise in Games, mappings, designs, apps, vfx, photo manipulations and other great stuff... They basically live for creating and deliver great content at affordable prices.


Hexy Arts provided the VFX for Season 2 of Atomic Kingdom.

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